bumpdate: 28 weeks!

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Alright, here we are in the THIRD TRIMESTER! I’m so amazed at how quickly time has gone by during this pregnancy. It’s crazy to think that we’ve reached the end of August, and now only September and October will go by before it’s the month our Emmy arrives. And still, there’s so much we have left to do to be ready. But, honestly, will we ever feel 100% ready for something as life-changing as this? I’m gonna go with: probably not. So… here’s to adulthood!

How big is baby: Large Eggplant | 28 weeks
How I’m feeling: I found out at my doctor’s appointment this week that I DO NOT HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES (!!!!) so I basically feel like I’m on top of the world and I can now happily eat my frozen sweet treats. *All while still reminding myself that sugar has about zero nutritional value, and too much of a sweet thing is a rotten thing.
Weight gain/loss: I’m perfectly on track at 18 lbs! Doc was pleased, and I was too.
Stretch marksNothing yet. This is the home stretch, skin (no pun intended). We can do it!
Sleep: I’ve been mostly okay, but I’ve definitely noticed a bit more discomfort than I used to. I’ve also been waking up almost completely flat on my back fairly often, soooo… pretty sure that needs to stop.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Ice cream is true love. Then I need a good balance of salty (like, a warm salty soft pretzel…mmmm). The truth is, though, that I’m really trying to eat more vegetables for the sake of my baby’s health & tastebuds. I usually eat a diet pretty rich in the veggie department, but I’ve slacked a little lately. And now is not the time to be a slacker!
Symptoms: The heartburn has again reared its ugly head. Every time I feel the fire rise up in my esophagus, I just try and imagine that I’m creating another strand of my little girl’s hair (per the wives’ tales).
Movement: She’s still moving a ton! I’m sure people could spot my tummy moving from a far, if they happened to look at the right moment.
What I’m loving: I returned everything I originally bought for the nursery, and now I feel like I can finally think clearly about how I want to decorate. Rustic, country chic, some emphasis on birds, some emphasis on Peter Pan, and florals. There we have it.
What I’m looking forward to: My first baby shower is right around the corner! I’m sure it will feel a little surreal for me, like these things usually do. But I want to make it a point to enjoy every moment of it and not let myself feel overwhelmed or stressed about any little thing! These things are supposed to be fun, and fun it shall be!
 Best moment of the week: No question, COLDPLAY. Oh my goodness, I don’t even have the proper words to express how much I loved that show. It was incredible, it was inspiring, it was an experience [adventure?!] of a lifetime. I will absolutely make it a goal to see them again, anytime I can! Miss Emmy Faye seemed to like them, too :) The first song she ever responded to with movement was “Yellow” by Coldplay, so it was extra special to feel her kick during that song at the concert. Also, the whole weekend was packed with pure Crustin time; just me and my J, and it was wonderful!

Before BABY Bucket List

Emmy Faye coming this November is beyond exciting (and surreal) for us, and it hardly feels like we have enough time to get ourselves ready for it! But, in an effort to try, I’ve made a list (big surprise there) of all the things I want to do before our girl gets here! Now, this is more or less just a fun to-do list; there’s a ton of other important stuff that we need to do too, but I won’t let this last season of it being just the two of us slip away without giving it a proper farewell. 10 things (and a million others) to do, and only a few months take them all on!

  1. Take a baby moon.
    Months ago, our original plan was to vacation in Santa Barbara, CA in the same place we did for our honeymoon for our baby moon, but the plans fell through. The goal for this trip is to 1) be fun & relaxing, and 2) definitely not break the bank. So we’re trying to make plans that feel very last minute, and it might turn into more of a “staycation!”
  2. Visit friends in Austin.
    [We did this, actually, and I’d love to do it again!] We love ATX, and we really love our friends. So of course, we want to make an effort to see them before baby girl comes and we don’t have the same kind of freedom we do now. No, I don’t want to be the parents that convince themselves that having a baby traps them in their house for 18 years, but it definitely won’t be as easy to jump in the car and take a 2.5 hour trip in a few months.
  3. Take a trip to the beach/beach town.
    I think it’s been 2 years since we’ve gone to the beach, and I have been craving some salt and sand (not to eat, don’t worry). Galveston is definitely not preferable, and potentially still a good place to pick up a flesh eating virus??, but I think a day trip could be in our future. Plus, I’m not really wanting to do much other than get my toes in the sand and listen to the crashing waves for a while. No swimsuits, thank you.
  4. Tackle some pending house repairs/projects.
    There’s some rewiring that needs to be done in our attic and we also need to make the attic a more friendly place for storage (there is nowhere to walk around and the entry is like a tiny crawlspace in our garage ceiling–requiring a ladder…), we’ve talked for months about expanding our patio/building a deck area, we need to paint the baby room and I’d like to paint our front door too, and we’d love to redesign our master bathroom too.
  5. Plant a garden.
    I would love a vegetable garden, an herb garden, and a flower garden! If all three could be harvested on the regular, and I’d be a happy girl :) The big reasons why this one has not gotten done yet are, 1) it’s been too hot, and 2) I’m trying to avoid mosquitos at all costs. But hopefully when it’s slightly cooler, I’ll have time to plant at least one of these!
  6. Prepare the nursery.
    The decided nursery inspiration has gone from all-out Peter Pan, to things that have to do with flying, to a bohemian/tribal feel, and finally to what I’ve realized I’m most comfortable with: rustic/country chic with touches of Peter Pan inspiration and a very slight emphasis on birds. I’m beyond excited to see it all completed, and I hope I can find/craft all the pieces I’m dreaming of incorporating. We’ve already gotten most of the furniture we need, so now it’s just about filling the room with pretty & inspiring things!
  7. Finish recording my EP.
    Somehow, this rather simple project has been pushed all the way from January (maybe earlier) to now. We’ve tried to get the ball rolling four times, but every time something comes up that keeps us from making any progress. So, my new goal is to complete it before E gets here!
  8. Take some maternity photos.
    I’m a huge sucker for photography, but usually I’m the one behind the lens.But this time, I would love to have a picture of me carrying this child that makes me feel beautiful. I’ve already contacted my dream photog to be behind the lens on this (who also happens to be a friend of mine from college!), and I’m hoping to be able to have a little shoot done sometime in late September or early October.
  9. Go see Coldplay in Dallas.
    [AH!!! I can’t believe this is TODAY!] J bought me Coldplay tickets for the Head Full of Dreams tour for my birthday this year. This is a band I’ve dreamed of seeing live for 10+ years, so it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten! The tickets were bought before I knew I was pregnant, and guess what? The concert is the day I enter my third trimester. My doctor cleared us for this, so IT IS HAPPENING!
  10. Celebrate our 4 year Anniversary
    This year will be the last year we have an anniversary without kids (crazy!), so I want to make sure it is a cherished day/weekend. I’m not sure what we will do–if we will stay in town, or venture out–but I definitely want to make it a special celebration.


Now, I better start building my after baby bucket list! I’m sure there is so much in the first year that we’ll want to do/document, and lists are my favorite way of organizing myself enough to get things done! In fact, there are a few other lists I need to make… So much to do, so little time! Xoxo

bumpdate: 27 weeks!

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This is the last week of my second trimester. WHOA. I have loved this part of my pregnancy so much! I’ve worried less about things, I began to feel her moving, my bump became a real bump, we found out she’s a she, the nursery has furniture in it, and (my favorite part) I stopped have consistent morning sickness. But I happily say farewell, because it just means I will sooner say hello to my baby girl.

How big is baby: Cauliflower | 27 weeks
How I’m feeling: This week I’ve really surprised myself by how exhausted I can get, but still keep going. I’m pretty sure I would have fallen over by this point in the first trimester, but that mysterious energy you hear about getting in the second trimester is apparently a real thing!
Weight gain/loss: I will get an “official” weigh-in at the doctor’s office this week, but I think it’s around the 18 lb mark.
Stretch marksNone so far, although I’ve been cautioned that all the scratching I’ve been doing to my belly button (I’ll explain below) can cause stretchies. So I’ve been making fists with my hands to attempt to keep from indulging.
Sleep: I have now upgraded from just my maternity pillow to tucking another pillow under my bump in front of me. So, I’m 100% surrounded by pillows, and it’s great. Although, someday I hope to cuddle with my husband again.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I should really take this question off, because it’s not really changing much anymore. Maybe it will farther down the line though? I can still say I am in love with ice cream.
Symptoms: Okay, so this is might be TMI, but I’m sharing this because I had so much trouble figuring out what the heck was wrong with me until I called my doctor. My belly button has been itching LIKE CRAZY. I mean. Like, I want to rip it off of my body and be done with it. I would ask other pregnant women if they were experiencing that, and they’d casually laugh and say “oh, yeah it itches.” It became clear to me that I was not on the same page with anyone about this. Turns out, it was infected! Yes, that can happen. But it’s being taken care of now, and the itching has substantially improved!
Movement: Little girl is still on the move constantly! There are now a lot more stretches that I feel in two places at once, like, where both sides of my tummy pop out. I’ve also felt what must be an elbow or a knee slide along the inside of my tummy, and it feels so. weird!! But I love it. I still don’t think I’ve felt the hiccups yet, or if I have, I haven’t identified them, but I hear that’s coming and I can’t wait!
What I’m loving: I’m loving dreaming up what the nursery is going to be like. What I’m not loving anymore are the decorations I bought for the nursery. I just can’t figure out how to make it all work, and what else to pair it all with. What curtains go with that? What colors? Does this clash? Is there any kind of central theme I can wrap my head around? Too hard. Too different than how I’m used to decorating. So I think I’ve decided to start back at square one and go with what I know: neutral, minimalist, rustic country chic.
What I’m looking forward to: COLDPLAY. IN DALLAS. THIS WEEKEND. WITH MY HUBS. I have had “Go to a Coldplay concert” on my bucket list since at least 2008. AND IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING. I got these tickets for my birthday this year, right before we got pregnant. Turns out, this concert is going to ring in the third trimester for me. What better way, really?
 Best moment of the week: My sis-in-law’s baby shower was so much fun to host! It was very quaint and lovely, perfect for the second baby. My other SIL and I made a good team, in my opinion, and had a lot of laughs amidst the crazy get-all-these-last-minute-things-done morning of the shower. We got it all done, though, and I was so happy with the way it turned out. Especially, the doughnut cake!

bumpdate: 26 weeks!


For some reason, I had to correct myself a hundred times last week that I was 25 weeks, and not 26 weeks. So now that I am at 26 weeks, I keep thinking I should be at 27 weeks… is this what pregnancy brain is? Listen here, Brain: we are 26 weeks along. On Saturday, we will be 27 weeks along. Then the next Saturday, we will be 28 weeks along, and…. wait, what? We’re that close to the third trimester??? It’s okay, Brain, Heart, don’t panic! We have plenty of time do all those things on the to-do list and want-to-do list… I think…. (oh, zoinks).

How big is baby: Scallion (in length) | 26 weeks
How I’m feeling: Overall, feeling good! I have my gestational diabetes test this week, and I’m a little nervous about it for some reason. I mean, it’s typical for me to be nervous about every single test they do, so this is not a new concept. But I’ve just been so concerned that I’m not being healthy enough :( I’ve always wanted to be the yoga-going, organic-eating, research-doing, kind of pregnant lady, and I’m just…. not so much. So, here’s to hoping my body processes sugar in a healthy way during this pregnancy, and I have nothing to worry about!
Weight gain/loss: I think I’m averaging about 18ish lbs gained total? It honestly just depends on the time of day, what I’ve eaten, how full my bladder is, what I’m wearing… etc. But more importantly than any of those things, it means my baby girl is growing! (just hopefully not massively!!!)
Stretch marksNot yet! But I have begun to see a very faint line form straight down from my belly button (the Linea Negra, as it’s called)! Thankfully, this one will fade after baby.
Sleep: Can’t get enough of it these days! It’s a struggle to make myself get out of bed in the morning, and by a certain point at night (usually before I have gotten myself ready for bed), I’m done. I’ve also been too busy to sleep in any day this past week (nor will I this week), so that is certainly not helping my tired situation.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I think I’m mostly cured from this! From time to time, avocados/guacamole and ketchup (not together… UGH) sounds and looks a bit gross to me. But at other times, I don’t think it would even phase me. YAY!
Symptoms: That preggo acne has cleared up for the most part (whew!), and I haven’t really been nauseous much this week either. My back and hips have been achy on occasion, so that’s no fun, but nothing too terrible. I’ve gotta hold out feeling really crummy until the VERY END of my third tri. I refuse to feel crummy [again] this early!
Movement: I know that some women are annoyed that men don’t have to do much when it comes to making a baby (just the fun part!), and sometimes it annoys me too. But then I think about how cool it is that I get to feel our baby girl growing inside of me, before we’ve even met her, and he doesn’t. Honestly, I think women get the better part of that deal ;) P.S. Someone please remind me I said this when I’m in labor!
What I’m loving: I’ve really been relishing in our time before it’s not just the two of us anymore. I’m SO beyond excited for our Emmy to get here, but I do really want to savor each moment we have together; falling asleep on the couch watching TV, spontaneously leaving the house on an errand, sleeping in (maybe) on a Saturday morning… All the little things that will change.
What I’m looking forward to: My first shower is around the corner, and I’m getting more and more excited! My younger sis-in-law and I are throwing one this weekend for our older sis-in-law, and I just can’t believe it is already here! Time sure flies by!
 Best moment of the week: Last weekend was my bro-in-law’s birthday, and we celebrated by going to eat Indian food! It was SO good. I wasn’t sure if I would like it–first timer, over here!–but I REALLY liked it! I will definitely be enjoying that cultural dining experience again!

bumpdate: 25 weeks!

25 weeks

I came home yesterday feeling so nauseous, I just laid down on the couch and tried to gear myself up for cooking dinner. Thankfully, it was short-lived (only about 4 or so hours) and I was able to go about normal activity for the rest of the evening! I got dinner on the stove, painted a sample patch of paint on one of the nursery walls to see if we liked it–we do!–and got J to snap this picture so I could post week 25.

How big is baby: Cauliflower | 25 weeks
How I’m feeling: For the most part, I’m still feeling good! This week has been one of the most uncomfortable because of her positioning, I guess, but it really isn’t that bad. At least, I hear it will get worse. SO, I guess I better keep my head up!
Weight gain/loss: I keep forgetting to weigh myself in the mornings before I go to work! Believe me… there is a REAL difference between my morning weight and my afternoon/evening weight. I’d prefer to only see the number in the morning :)
Stretch marksStill holding out, and still using Mother’s Special Blend skin toning oil!
Sleep: I’ve been doing my best to stay only on my left side all night, but sometimes I just NEED to roll over to the right for a while! I haven’t been sleeping great, but I’m thankful for the rest I do get. Also, Walter Kitty has been banned from our room at night–again. We’re trying this for the second or third time, since he’s scratched at the door incessantly in the past. So far, so good. Hopefully, this is the golden ticket to a Walter-less night.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I just seem to want sugar more and more. I kind of hate it, because I know how unhealthy it is. But at the same time, I just can’t satisfy the craving with anything else! Still, overall, my cravings haven’t been that ridiculous or that nagging, so I should be able to manage staying healthy and not over-indulging.
Symptoms: A little nausea showed up this week again :(, a lot of heartburn still, and even a bit of acid reflux. I’ve also been dealing with my hips/thighs going asleep at night for many weeks now! Oh, and I my poor forehead has fallen victim to a bit of preggo hormone induced acne. Boo.
Movement: The movement has gotten so unbelievable, I can’t believe that in the coming weeks we will see even more of her! My stomach moves in crazy ways, and I feel her almost constantly. It is the absolute coolest/craziest feeling I have ever experienced!
What I’m loving: I’ve been trying to hone in on what I want the nursery to look like, and it’s been more difficult than I thought it would be… but I love it! I think I finally decided to just breakdown and paint the room, but I’m choosing a very pretty and neutral greyish mint color that I think will work perfectly with the other pops of color I already have. I’m also working to combine all the random things I keep wanting to include in this tiny room!
What I’m looking forward to: Okay, last week I thought I wanted Fall to be here, a lot. But with the grossly high temps this week, I’m needing Fall to get here asap! In the meantime, I’m living in as many dresses as I can.
 Best moment of the week: J and I did a little bit of rearranging in the house, and it made me want to re-do everything! Which is actually really bad, because we’re also needing to be budgeting for baby, and I keep thinking of things that would look “just so perfect” in our home. But nonetheless, I love recreating our spaces in a new way using much of the stuff we already have. Next up: baby proofing!


Y’all, I’m about to serve up a dish of piping hot honesty. I hope you’re hungry. Because I’ve been pondering these things lately, and [in no particular order] honestly…

  1. I’m scared that J and I won’t be able to financially support a growing family.
  2. I’m scared that between working full-time, being a wife, and being a mom, something will need to give… but nothing can.
  3. I’m scared that I’m going to miss precious moments with my baby while I’m sitting at a desk in my office, and she’s with my sweet mom.
  4. I’m scared that we won’t get to do the things we’ve always planned to do and haven’t yet.
  5. I’m scared of the Zika virus (for real, don’t laugh!)
  6. I’m scared that we’ll never be able to afford another vacation again.
  7. I’m scared of how vulnerable my body is right now, and how it’s the only barrier between my baby and this mad world.

We’ve been told over and over that we would never “feel ready” to become parents. We’d always think we could be making more money, we’d always feel like there are more things we want to do “before kids”, and there’d always be a hundred million reasons why “it’s just not a good idea right now.” And, honestly (since truth is the theme I have going here), everyone who told us that was absolutely right, but we got to a place where we felt comfortable enough to throw those other cautions to the wind and just let nature take it’s course.

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you probably know that I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and in God’s plan for each of our lives. I don’t believe in accidents; I believe that everything is beautifully orchestrated to bring glory to God, for the good of those who love him. So, even though it’s easy for me to be scared of so many things and worry that we jumped into this all too soon, I remember the way God laid the groundwork for his glory to be shown in this situation a long time ago. And instead of being scared, I should be hopeful, and joyful, and, most of all…

  1. I’m thankful that the Lord has provided for every single need we have ever had. Our cup overflows!
  2. I’m thankful that J and I are both employed at good places during a time when so many are losing their jobs.
  3. I’m thankful that my mom is willing and able to care for our baby girl instead of having to put her in daycare. What a blessing that is to us!
  4. I’m thankful for this new adventure God has gifted us with, and for all the happy memories I could have never imagined we’d make.
  5. I’m thankful that we live in a country that offers some of the best health care we could get, and a community that is actively working against our harm.
  6. I’m thankful for Saturdays & Sundays, for holidays, and for the ability to save our pennies for the things we really want.
  7. I’m thankful that God is my protector, and the author of all life. He is holding everything, in me and around me, together.

I have no reason to fear the future, because He is already in it. He’s reaching out, asking me to step out into the waves and trust Him. And the more I give thanks, the more everything tends to look a little less scary. So, I guess, honestly…

God is just so darn good.

bumpdate: 24 weeks!

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A co-worker of mine mentioned to me that I was already getting my “maternal serenity” the other day, because I wasn’t stressing out about things that might normally get to me. I don’t know if that’s really a thing that happens, because I’ve usually heard more about “maternal neuroticism,” but I took it as a compliment. Even though I had one day this week when I felt like my stress level was about to shoot through the roof (thank you, hormones), I do feel like most days I am able to stay pretty level about things. Hopefully, I’ve taken after my own mother–the most patient women on the planet–and this trend continues into my parenting!

On another note, I can’t believe it’s been an entire month since we found out our bundle of joy is a girl and began officially calling her Emmy Faye. Time has flown by so fast in this pregnancy… I hear it doesn’t slow down again either. Not through the third trimester, or baby’s first year, or the second kid, or ever ever ever. Whoa… I’m going to just stop here.

How big is baby: Cantaloupe | 24 weeks
How I’m feeling: A little heartburn here and there, a random Charley Horse or two on occasion, and I threw up the first morning of my 24th week for the first time in a while. Sure, I’ve felt better in my life, but for side effects of creating a human being… this doesn’t seem too bad!
Weight gain/loss: Okay, so I weighed in at the doctor at 17 lbs total so far, which is about 3 more than she was expecting. She didn’t say she was concerned in any way, but just that I want to be gaining about 3/4 of a pound per week (up to 35 pounds max). I wasn’t overly concerned, but I definitely don’t want to over gain! So I have been trying to be more conscious of what goes in my body and how much exercise I’m getting. I even downloaded Pokemon Go to help me get out and walk more (laugh all you want, but I’m nerding out and I LOVE it!). Then, a couple days after my appointment, I weighed on my own scale, which has historically synced up perfectly with my doctor’s (I started at the same weight on both scales at my first appointment and have consistently matched up since then). I weighed at 14 lbs total on my home scale, which is right on track! So maybe I was just having a fat day? Who knows. But I will be tracking my weight better than I had been from here on out.
Stretch marksStill none! Some mornings I wake up and see lines on my sides and go into a momentary state of panic/depression, but then I realize it’s just indentations from the shirt I slept in.
Sleep: J and I have both struggled in the sleep department lately thanks to Walter Kitty. I’m HIGHLY considering throwing him out at night, despite the potential dangers and our track record with that. But at the end of the day, sleep trumps kitty. Sorry ’bout it. Plus, I sleep much more restlessly than I have in the past, waking up several times a night to change positions and go to the bathroom. This mama needs her beauty rest!
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Up until yesterday, I had not eaten a single avocado, or avocado related food item. But I had dinner at my parent’s house and my mom chopped up an avocado to go in the yummy salad she made. I didn’t even notice until I saw one sitting innocently on my plate. So I just continued to eat it. Nothing happened. I probably won’t dive back in full force just yet, but it’s good to know that baby steps are being made back towards my normal eating habits!
Symptoms: The most consistent [apparently] pregnancy symptom that I’ve had, and maybe not mentioned much, is some annoying sinus issues. It’s supposedly caused by my pregnancy hormones and is called Rhinitis of Pregnancy. I’m sniffly, stopped up sometimes, and (TMI) I have blood in my mucus. EW!
Movement: Last week I joked that she hadn’t found my rib cage yet, and then just yesterday she hit it. It surprised me, but it didn’t hurt me. This girl just loves to move, and I love that about her! I can’t wait to see those moves in person!
What I’m loving: I love the sweet time J and I get to have together in the mornings. We get up (sometimes not so easily) and go on a mile walk together, then we come back and he gets the Today Show on and I make us some breakfast. It has become one of my favorite parts of the day!
What I’m looking forward to: Fall. I cannot wait for Fall!!! It happens about this time every year when I start craving the cooler weather and more variety to my outfits, but being pregnant has only made my desire for that greater! Plus, Fall means Emmy will almost be here!
 Best moment of the week: I got to spend some sweet time with my mom and sister this week! On Saturday, they took me maternity clothes shopping, for which I am immensely grateful! I got so many things that I feel good in and that FIT–most importantly. Then on Sunday, J went to go play golf with his dad, so I took a visit to my parent’s house and I got to just chill out with my mom, dad, and sister. It was so nice, and I wish I’d had more time! But now that sis is living here, we can do that kind of thing much more!!